Lie Detector Tips

Lie Detector Tests

A lie detector is used to detect whether somebody is telling the truth or he is lying by measuring some certain aspects of his body such as the blood flow pressure the heart beat rate and also how fast the individual under test is breathing. This gadget is also known as a polygraph machine and is mostly used in crime investigations and also companies to determine if someone is telling the truth or not. They are widely used in the UK, and they have gained popularity especially amongst the investigation bureaus and the police. Normally before it can be used,someone is asked a series of standard questions like your name,where you live,how old you are and the like.

This is to help measure the various aspects mentioned above and now compare them to the next questions that you will be asked. The accuracy of these polygraph tests has been a bone of contention in the recent years since there have been reported cases of people passing polygraph tests even when they are lying. This is because people can learn how to control their respiratory rate and to some extent the heartbeat. A person might be tensed, and yet he is telling the truth, but he will be passed off as lying while another might be very confident even when he is lying. Such factors make the use of these tests doubtable. Click here to read more about lie detectors.

 Lie detectors have also been adopted by companies so as to ensure their employees are completely honest especially those working in delicate areas such as cashiers and the like. This has the effect of making such employees become honest in their dealings and will not engage themselves in uncouth activities because they know at the end of the day they will be put against such checks. These lie detectors at are also advantageous in that they are quite easy to use. They do not need any special skills to operate them.

 Almost anybody can learn to use them. In cases where the employees do not know how to cheat their way into these polygraph tests, they can give correct information on whether someone is lying or not but it becomes a disadvantage when they have known how to cheat these machines. Lie detectors do not come without their share of demerits; they waste a lot of time that the employees could have used in doing other productive activities beneficial to the company. Be sure to visit this website at and know more about lie detectors.