Lie Detector Tips

Hit an Accuracy of 98% With Lie Detectors -UK

A polygraph, commonly known as Lie Detectors, measures and record several physiological factors such as respiration, purse, blood pressure and skin conductivity. When undertaking a polygraph test, state of the art equipment are used to determine if you telling the truth. The polygraph examiner monitors various variables such as eye movement, heart rate, perspiration skin reaction and blood pressure. The results are professionally analyzed using advanced analytical software. Using the services of Lie Detectors -Uk rest assured you will get the best examiner, and importantly reliable results.

It is time to visit the examiner, what should I do?

It good to be relaxed and composed. If possible make sure you have slept well the night before the test. Basically, the examiner will ask a set of structured questions in a systematic manner. Each question will aim to solve a single or multiple issue. At Lie Detector-UK, a set of up to date Lie detector questions are used to determine the accuracy of the respond answers. When relaxed be sure you will pass the test and also you will reduce the duration of the test. We aim for the best, and before the test is initiated, we ensure you are calm to guarantee accurate results. Learn more now about lie detectors and their use.

How much is polygraph test?

How much is it to take a lie detector test ? The length of the test, the nature of the exam and equipment to be used contribute to the final cost. Typically, cost range from ?450-?900 per specific issue exam depending, on average it is around ?600. We value your money, and when conducting the test, we make sure the cost incurred is reflected on the exam done and the final results. When siting for an exam make sure an experienced and certified officer is in charge, otherwise, you will not achieve what you are after.

How long does a test last?

A polygraph can extend past hour based on the questions to be asked and what the examiner aims to achieve. With efficient equipment, the test should not last long. It is good to note that more questions do not translate to better results, in fact, too much questions result to poor results. Short structured questions are the best. Immediately after the test you can be given you score verbally or in a written document can be mailed to your address.

Our polygraph equipment are the best, they are hard to beat during the test. You doubt? Try more now and testify why we justify an accuracy of 98%. Visit this website at and learn more about lie detection.